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Current Update - LW V1.46 (Must have current Service Policy)

Version 1.46    

Download should take less than a few minutes or so on a high speed connection.
To install the Last Writes Update after downloading, double-click on the downloaded file. Installation will complete automatically.

All Utility Update (~ 700 KB)

This utility will reinstall your Last Writes desktop icons and folders along with the latest versions of various utilities.

New Installation Shell (~ 70 MB)

This utility will install Microsoft Access Runtime and Last Writes support files except for your unique Last Writes data files. Call Florida GraphTech for more detailed information.

Reference Manual (~ 1.1 MB)

This document is valid for both the demonstration program and the customized version you will receive if you purchase the program. Program changes through version 1.33 have been incorporated. It is in Adobe PDF format.

F.A.Q. (Tips, Hints)

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