What Last Writes and a computer can do for you

SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE - The LAST WRITES Switchboard places all of the controls and options in one place for easy viewing and selection.

EASE OF ENTRY - LAST WRITESprovides familiar forms for all data entry. Transfer preneed data to at-need data with a simple mouse click.

CONSISTENCY - Data entered in any form is faithfully duplicated in all other forms and reports. Customizable pop-up lists throughout allow consistent entry of often-repeated information -- no more whiteout or retyping.

EFFICIENCY - Reduce the time you spend preparing forms; turn three hours of work into a 30 minute task.

PROFESSIONALISM - Make all your printed forms neat, accurate and error free, reflecting your high standards to the community.

FLEXIBILITY - Buy only what you need for your business. Choose from the following modules:

CUSTOMIZATION - Select from a wide variety of Memorial Folder and Prayer Card verses and clipart. Mix and match to achieve the desired effect.

PRODUCTIVITY - At the touch of a button (or maybe the click of a mouse) generate a wide variety of financial reports, state-required reports, forms, schedules, stationery and price lists.

SECURITY - Prevent inadvertent changes to case numbers. Select password protection of financial data and preneed areas.

RELIABLE AND SPEEDY SUPPORT - Telephone support is free during the evaluation period. Inexpensive service contracts are available afterwards.

LOW COST - At the price of today's computers and the modest cost of the LAST WRITES program, you can be up and running at a lower cost and much sooner than you would expect. We can even help you select a system. Deep discounts are available if you need additional copies of your personalized program.

PROFITABILITY - Put it all together: You and your staff will be operating at your most efficient and effective pace, which translates into a competitive edge. That, in turn, means more business and increased profit. Stated another way:

More Sales + Reduced Costs = Added Profit!

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