Last Writes® Cloud

Florida GraphTech is happy to announce a great new option for our popular Last Writes® program - Last Writes® Cloud.

The primary positive feedback we've received for "Last Writes® Cloud" is its versatility. The ability to access Last Writes® data from any location, using any compatible device such as desktop PC, MAC, laptop computer, tablets, iPads, iPhones, android cell phones is very appealing and offers many advantages. Full program access from home, office, client's residence, even while on vacation, in restaurants or pubs, etc. is possible. Some users have stated that the reduction in travel-time and related expenses alone has provided a significant cost savings.

Other benefits, such as antivirus protection, version updates, digitized signatures, nightly encrypted automatic backups, full Last Writes® technical support, new or revised forms - everything that was previously covered under the Service Policy will all be included.

You may have heard of all kinds of printing problems with cloud servers such as having to install printer-unique drivers, missing printers, printer configuration problems and more. Since we have started using TSPrint from Terminal Works, there have been absolutely no printing problems whatsoever. And if there are any questions about the product, they respond very rapidly, better than most companies we deal with.

You don't have to convert to our cloud if you prefer your stand-alone version, but you should be aware that "cloud computing" is the future way of doing business. A tsunami wave of it is already descending on the corporate world.

If you would like more information about our new "Last Writes® Cloud" version, including an initial quote, please contact us at (321) 453-0649 or email: sales@lastwrites. We'd appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of our new program.

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